Still just January.

Here’s something to ponder on this, one of the last days of January: did you know that if you hard boil eggs at least a day after you collect them they peel really well?  I actually steam my eggs rather than boil them, but the result is the same.  The Hubs and I had a Read More


Summer, Summer, Summertime!

I know, it is not technically summer yet.  That doesn’t happen until June 20th for the Northern Hemisphere when the sun is the farthest north and is called the Summer Solstice. The declination of the Sun on the Summer Solstice is known as the tropic of cancer (23° 27′).  There is your little factoid for the Read More


It’s the Bees’ Knees!

Of course bees have knees!  Any idea what this phrase means?  You probably never wondered, did you?  I did, well, because I love bees and all.  According to the interwebs, the phrase “bee’s knees” means sweet and good, because the knees of the bee are where all the sweet, good stuff is collected.  As in, Read More


The sky is falling, the sky is falling! No, wait, it’s just the leaves…

I can’t believe it’s almost over….summer, that is.  Where has the this glorious season gone?  It has been a time of wonderful sun and warm temperatures and sun and warmth and more sun and warmth!  I remember wishing for this heat last winter and promising that I wouldn’t complain of the heat no matter how hot it Read More